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Coaching for Mind, Body, and Spirit

In-person and Online Sessions​ Available

Breathwork Coaching 

Learn simple yet powerful techniques to help manage your mood and energy levels, while improving sleep and performance. Breath coaching provides personalized guidance, support, and accountability to help you feel comfortable and confident using your breath to:

  • Manage Stress

  • Reduce Anxiety

  • Improve Sleep

  • Boost Digestion

  • Regulate Your Mood

  • Balance Energy Levels

  • Improve Mental Focus and Attention


The techniques learned in this breath coaching program are easy to learn and can be modified to your individual health and fitness level. This 4-week program includes the following:


  • The science and physiology of breathing

  • Instruction and guidance on basic breathing techniques for energy, relaxation, and balance

  • Breath testing to measure and track your progress

  • Downloadable handouts and resources

  • Guided audios and videos to support daily practice

  • Unlimited email support







Meditation Coaching

If you are new to meditation or struggling with meditation, this program is for you!  Meditation is an excellent way to

  • Experience greater peace and relaxation

  • Gain new perspectives

  • Manage stress

  • Grow in creativity and spirituality 


Jessica uses her vast experience and expertise to guide you through creating a meditative practice based on your goals and intentions. Through her process, you'll explore a variety of approaches and techniques to develop a practice you enjoy and feel good about. You'll get the accountability you need to be consistent and explore deeper parts of yourself to cultivate greater self-awareness and intuition.


Throughout our 4-weeks together, we'll meet once a week to explore various meditation techniques and find a practice that fits your specific needs.


  • Begin with a research-based assessment designed to help you to identify an ideal style of meditation for your specific needs.

  • Receive 1-on-1 personalized guidance and support as you practice.

  • Address barriers and explore new insights through discussions, and Q & A.

  • Get the accountability you need to be consistent, and explore deeper parts of yourself to grow in self-awareness and intuition.


Spiritual Life Coaching

No matter who you are, spiritual health is foundational to your overall wellbeing and ability to thrive. When we are not well spiritually, we tend to find ourselves feeling unwell and unbalanced physically and emotionally.  Everyone has unique spiritual needs and experiences that are either separate from religion, or perhaps even inconsistent with current religious beliefs. This can lead to a sense of confusion, vulnerability, and / or feelings of isolation.  In these cases, a Spiritual Life Coach can help guide you with support and resources, and a listening ear.  There is no judgement, just heart-centered empathy and presence.


Some areas a Spiritual Coach can support you with include: 

  • Spiritual Identity and Self-discovery

  • Spiritual Comfort and Healing

  • Grief and Loss

  • Spiritual Growth and Connection

  • Extraordinary and Transformative Spiritual Experiences

    • spiritual awakening 

    • mystical experiences

    • near death experience (NDE)

    • dark night of the soul

    •  psychic opening

    • kundalini awakening

    • empathic experiences

    • dreams, visions, past-life memories


Jessica is a certified Spiritual Emergence Coach® provides a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore, grow, and connect with your inner wisdom to understand and find peace in what you're experiencing.  Sessions are deeply personalized and honor your individual beliefs and practices.  

You will be encouraged to tap into your previous experiences, intuition, and strengths as you are guided through self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.


Disclaimer: Coaching and Hypnotherapy are educational and self-improvement processes that facilitate access to a person’s internal resources to assist in solving problems, increasing motivation, or altering behavior patterns to create positive change. Hypnotherapy and Coaching should not substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy. Jessica Tulloss does not practice medicine or psychotherapy, and her services are not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment. No service or product provided is intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition.

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