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About Jessica

Jessica Tulloss, RN

Meet Jessica Tulloss, owner of Bluewave Wellness and your dedicated partner on the journey to personal transformation. 

Bluewave Wellness evolved from Jessica's two decades of experience as a registered nurse. Jessica worked in various areas of healthcare, such as emergency medicine, nephrology, pediatrics, patient safety, and as an active-duty military nurse in the USAF Nurse Corps.  She recognized the glaring gaps related to our fragmented healthcare system, especially related to the whole-person approach to well-being (body, mind, and spirit). But it wasn't until her own battle with a debilitating chronic illness that it genuinely became personal for her.


During her long and painful journey, she encountered many obstacles. Eventually, she learned through the help of other holistic coaches and mentors that she already had tremendous resources within her through the powerful mind-body connection. With simple lifestyle changes, working with her subconscious mind, and other natural, drug-free interventions, she could fill the gaps where medicine fell short in order to significantly and positively impact her health and healing.  It was a powerful realization that she knew she couldn't keep to herself, and her personal transformation became a new mission to help others uncover the same remarkable strength within themselves.

Today, the mind-body connection is the heart of her work with every client. She's trained and worked extensively in some of the most effective mind-body and energy healing methods, renowned for their ability to address stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. She's guided countless clients on transformative journeys, helping them discover a level of energy, hope, and well-being they never thought possible.  


Whether you're grappling with limiting beliefs, internal conflict, or simply striving to enhance your overall health, Jessica's approach is adaptable and personalized, designed specifically to meet your unique needs. Don't struggle on this journey alone. Contact Jessica today!

Committed to Providing Advanced Level Support and Guidance

Jessica believes in offering clients the best, and her training record speaks for itself.  She leverages every bit of her knowledge and experience to enhance each client's success. You, too, can experience the unique benefits of these powerful holistic modalities. Her deep understanding of hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching, and powerful mind-body techniques offers a comprehensive approach where sessions are tailored to unlock each person's full potential, ensuring that mind and body are aligned toward achieving personal and professional goals. Step into a space where growth, healing, and transformation are not just possible but eagerly anticipated!

Advanced Training and Certifications:


​Board Certifications:

  • Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy 

  • Holistic Nurse Coach

  • Health and Wellness Nurse Coach


Military Service:

  • 6 years Military Service, U.S Air Force Nurse Corps.

​​Volunteer Work:

Hypnosis Session

Academic Qualifications 

  • Master of Public Health​ (MPH)

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

  • Bachelor of Metaphysical Science (B.MSc.)


  • Registered Nurse (Multi-state)

  • Registered Nurse (Georgia)


Jessica Tulloss, MPH, RN, Clinical Hypnotherapist/ Nurse Wellness Coach
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