What is Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST)?

Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) combines powerful vibration and soothing tones to induce an immediate relaxation state. By placing the therapeutic singing bowls directly on or near the body in key areas, the practitioner engages with the client both physically and aurally to induce an immediate state of relaxation.  VST is considered an integrative therapy that works well alone, as well as together with other medical treatments. VST is not meant to replace medical care or to postpone seeing a healthcare provider for a health problem. It's best to always inform your healthcare providers of therapies used outside of conventional care.

What are the benefits of VST?

The VST experience allows clients to undergo a deep state of relaxation.  This is especially beneficial to those who have a difficult time quieting the mind.  The introduction of the sound waves directly into the body along with tranquil ambient tones is such a profound experience that clients report effects ranging from a meditative state, deep relaxation and improved mood, to a reduction in pain, fatigue, and anxiety. Most clients will start to relax as soon as the session begins. This relaxed state allows the body to repair itself instead of responding to outside concerns. When we are relaxed, our levels of stress hormones such as cortisol begin to drop and our immune system begins to function at its best. Those who undergo deep relaxation often report a feeling of mental freshness that carries with them long after the session is over. 

How is VST different from a traditional massage?

VST does not involve hands-on manipulation of the skin or tissues.  This can be a major comfort to those who are uncomfortable with physical touch by a stranger. Clients also remain fully clothed. The singing bowl is doing most of the physical work and contact is kept to a minimum.  This is no way diminishes the subtle energy connection that exists between client and practitioner as the sound and vibration is transmitted through the bowl.


How should I prepare for my session?

No special preparation is needed.  To make the most of your experience, you may want to dress in loose and comfortable clothing with as little metal as possible (buttons, zippers, etc.). You will be asked to remove watches, and other jewelry and tie up any loose hair. Practitioners can skillfully work around most other items if necessary.  


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