Vibrational Sound Therapy

An Ancient Science

The use of Himalayan Singing (sound) bowls as therapy dates as far back as the 12th century.  It has also been used for meditation in Tibetan culture. In our sound therapy sessions (VST), we use specially designed therapeutic sound bowls near or in contact with the body to produce soothing vibration and sound.  This remarkable combination induces a profound state of relaxation that naturally allows for repair of the mind and body. Clients report a profound reduction in stress, anxiety, pain, and overall fatigue, all of which are known to negatively impact physical health and increase the risk of disease.  For clients who meditate, they report the benefit of achieving faster and deeper states of meditation.


Based on your individual needs, VST can be done as a singular therapy or in combination with meditation, guided imagery, breath work, and Reiki.   

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